Our Process

Our development process is based on the agile methodology and helps us deal with the unpredictability that comes with software development. It helps us mitigate against risk while also producing the best quality features and softwares all the time.


The first stage in the process is getting in touch and set up a meeting, this is where we gather information about our clients, your brand, your needs and what an optimal solution would look like for you. The information gathered here is crucial for all the next stages of the process, even though the specifications can be changed and we will be able to adapt it is important that we get the crucial information at the beginning of the process.


During this stage we now plan towards creating the optimal solution for you that best addresses the needs of our clients. The planning stage is where we document the requirements, design the wireframes and interfaces and set the timelines and specifications for the project and our requirements from you.


The third stage which is design is where we put all the information that you have given us and put it into designs and flow diagrams. As our client you will be actively involved in this stage like with all the other stages, we will be reviewing features and design options to ensure that as we go to the development stage every feature is designed optimally.


During this stage we will be bringing life to your ideas and our designs using code. The development stage is where we are not going to be as communicative but we’ll be giving you updates on when to expect the next stage and progress. Once a feature is fully developed and has passed in-house tests we will pass it on to the next stage. Agile methodology is about releasing the best quality products fast; this means that we will not wait for the whole project to be developed before moving it to the next stage but we will develop in increments to make sure that we release the best quality features in the shortest time possible.


This is a crucial part of the process, this is where features are tested for usability, functionality and performance. The testing first starts with our qualified team of analysts to test functionality and functionality, once the in-house tests are approved we move on to the next stage. We will bring the software to users to conduct user acceptance testing. User Acceptance testing is where actual users who will use the software will do the testing of the software.


This is the final stage in the process (sometimes). At this stage we evaluate the features, if they’re top quality and achieve the optimal level of performance, usability and functionality they will be designed. Features that do not meet our high standards will go through the process again until the highest quality performance, functionality and usability is achieved. This process is guaranteed to bring about the highest quality solutions all the time.