Black Spot Technologies wins Award for Most Innovative Web Design and Development Company [CEO Note]

I am very excited to finally announce that Black Spot Technologies won The Most Innovative Web Design and Development Company at the 2021 MEA Markets African Excellence Awards. MEA Markets is a quarterly publication dedicated to researching and publicising the major moves and events as they happen across the entire Middle East & Africa region. Saying on behalf of the team that we are honoured to have won this award is an understatement. This is an award based solely on the work that we have on the internet, independent researchers and adjudicators look at the work and declare the win, to have been selected amongst so many South African Web Development Companies is humbling. 

This award certifies our commitment to innovative solutions in all our offerings, from the beginning, we have committed to developing solutions that are innovative and unique to the unique problems facing our clients. The advent of the pandemic forced us to go beyond our normal realm of innovation and find more innovative solutions for our clients as everyone went in to lockdown. We had to find solutions that help our clients operate, create value for their clients while also meeting their business objectives. We rose up to the challenge and delivered solutions across industries including Higher Education, Leadership Development, Legal Profession, Construction and even for Non-Profits. We are therefore grateful for all the clients who trusted us with their brands that led to this win. 

I would like to say thank you most importantly to the Head of Development, he has been the one making sure that we fix all our clients problems with every line of code, a big round of applause to you homie. To the Graphic Design and IT Support Team, I always seek nothing but the best and most of the time the ideas are crazy but you guys have always made it happen. Shout out to the whole team, this win is because of all of you guys. We work in some of the most challenging of situations but we made it, thank you to all of you for the unwavering commitment, dedication and hard work. Without you, there is no Black Spot Technologies. 

There is no question of how hard it is being a black female in the South African ICT industry, we have to work three times as hard to get into spaces where others just get in by just being who they are. Where others just submit paperwork to get a deal, we have to first prove ourselves by doing the work first then getting the deal. However, we can never quit, we can only transform the industry by being in the industry and laying the groundwork for more black women to operate businesses in the industry. 

I believe greatly that technology is a great instrument that can be used to address a lot of the challenges that exist in society, resources just need to be put in the right hands. We will continue to find innovative solutions not for businesses but also for our communities as well. For now let me just say whatever crazy tech idea you have, if you have ever thought it is impossible, this is the sign you needed that it isn't, talk to us and we may just be the crazy team you need to make it happen, start a project with us today we will make your tech dream come true. 

In closing let me pass a note of gratitude to everyone who has supported Black Spot Technologies, we are who we are because of you, Hi khensile swinene. 

Wa nwina hi ku ti tsongahata.

Andile Amukelani Ndlovu - CEO/Founder of Black Spot Technologies and The Black Spot Group

You can view our official listing on the MEA Markets African Excellence Awards Winners List here