Getting Your Business Idea Off The Ground

Posted on 2021-01-28 15:00:25

A 3-part series on how to start your business with R2000

Starting a business is something most of us have thought about, for some it is to become a primary source of income for them and their families and for others a side hustle to supplement the income they currently have. No matter what the reason, we can all agree that starting a business is not the easiest of things to do.

There is a lot that complicates the starting of a business, most of the time people are thinking about business plans, business capital, looking for a space to work and all the other things. But my advice is if you’ve got a businesss idea, start it, everything else you will figure out as you go, after all entrepreneurship is an everlasting journey and not a one-stop trip. Start where you are, with what you have and the rest will follow.

In our inaugural blog series, I aim to help aspiring entrepreneurs in getting your business idea off the ground with just R2000. From registering your business with a few easy steps that I have worked to narrow down to getting your business visible online with little to no money. If you have a business idea and have always been putting off because you may not have known where to begin, follow our socials as we navigate the journey together. If there has ever been a time to start your business it is right now and not a moment later because if not now then when. Follow us on all our social to see our articles as we publish them:




Time to revisit those ideas you had, because now we are going to make them a reality. Get Ready.